Services - Material Stories

We support all sorts of organizations — companies, designers and non-designers, curators and educators — with materials research, material driven design methods and future thinking.


We nourish tutoring on materials and trends, through inspirational lectures and experimental workshops. These include conference talks, in-house lectures, academic presentations and hands-on workshops, bringing you access to what has been done so far in the material world.


We nurture an ongoing documentation towards a Material Collection that not only includes samples of materials we've been collecting so far but also a photo record that will allow a proper registration on an online platform. We also develop theme-based material exhibitions.


We can help you in getting a quick overview or deeper understanding of the stuff our world is made of. Our network of material suppliers, manufacturers and researchers often reveals new opportunities by unexpected material combinations, technology transfer and new ways of making.


We are designers by heart, even though we don't make chairs. We use our creative skills to generate application ideas, product concepts and future scenarios for existing and emerging materials. In short, we generate the material context for tomorrow's world.


We share updated publications on material driven design some of which in collaboration with creative partners. You will find our research in books, magazines, articles and trend reports.