The Museum of Man and Nature, located at the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, is reinventing and expanding itself towards a museum of the future. Biotopia aims to explore, question and reconfigure the relationship between humans and other living species. For this year's "Hautnah" (Close to the Skin) exhibition, we were invited to organize, exhibit and present bio-inspired materials and projects from Europe. We brought together 15 physical samples such as root based textiles (Diana Scherer, NL), vegan leather alternatives (Ananas Anam, UK), mushroom based leather (MOGU, IT), cow stomach leathers (Billie van Katwijk, NL) and orange fiber fabrics (Orange Fiber, IT) showcased on a bionic table structure developed by Zieta Prozessdesign (PL).

Biotopia – Museum of Man and Nature

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Radio Broadcast: "Materialgeschichten – Die greifbare Welt" (15:46 min)
Julie Metzdorf, Kulturjournal 24.06.2018, Bayern 2 / Bayerischer Rundfunk

Andreas Heddergott